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Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes

With Baltic Amber Admin Themes & Schemes you can:

  • create your own colour scheme by specifying only two base colours,
  • have the theme colours change randomly every time you reload the page,
    or at any time interval you choose,
  • use one of the administration themes which slightly alter/improve the
    positioning of different administration panel elements, like the main navigation,
    dashboard information and the plugin listing. There are eight basic colour options
    available or you can specify your own base colours by choosing ‘My Colour Theme’,
    or use the random colour theme generator.
  • place ‘Tag’ and ‘Category’ selection in two columns right after the text
    editor in the ‘Write Post’ panel. This option can be enabled for every admin
    theme, including the default ones.

Baltic Amber vs. the default admin theme

  • Uses relative em values instead of pixels for defining element
    dimensions and sizes, thus making the whole interface scalable to your own preference.
  • Baltic Amber themes improve the scanability of the plugin list
    by replacing the darker background colour with a green ribbon on the side for
    the activated plugins.

Compatibility with the drop-down menu plugins

As many of you prefer to replace the main navigation with a drop-down alternative,
here are the admin menu plugins that have been tested to work with Amber Themes:

  1. Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu (2.1) by Ozh,
  2. Drop Down Admin Menus (2.5.3) by Andy Staines

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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