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Author Complete Post List

Provides an easy way to display the complete list of the an author’s posts, including the posts where he’s also co-author.
It solves two problems with the author page:

  1. It displays all the posts from the author despite any pre-definition of the maximum number of posts to be displayed.
  2. It counts the posts where the user is co-author, even if he’s not the original poster.

The plugin was created in reference to the author.php
example on the WordPress.

On the Plugin homepage you will find these description and instructions:


You have two options to call this plugin on your template (for instance the author.php):

  1. For the total number of posts of the author include: <?php total_posts($author, $curauth->user_login) ; ?>
  2. For the complete list of the author’s posts include: <?php full_post_list($author, $curauth->user_login) ; ?>

Note that the arguments are to be writen like that.

Version 2.0 Note

This new version includes Internacionalization.
If you have the previous version 0.1 installed you just need to install the new files. You don’t need to
change the functions calls since they are compatible.


You should be aware of the following points:

  1. If you are using the multiple-authors plugin:

    1. The co-author is added automatically once he edits the post.
    2. You can also add the co-author manually (see the next point).
  2. If you are not using the multiple-authors plugin
    or if you want to do it manually:

    1. Add a costum key on the post. Use ‘other_author’ as key name, and the author login name as value.

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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