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AsideShop is a WordPress plugin which allows you to show aside posts on your blog’s front page in a different way without theme template modification.


  • No need to edit and modify theme templates – use your own.
  • Easily create small templates within WordPress Administration Panel to display posts differently on the front page.
  • Templates can contain dozens of pre-defined tags to use for posts and comments (e.g. %posts_title%, %comments_count%, etc.).
  • Assign templates to categories which contain aside posts.
  • Testing mode lets you preview the changes on the front page before the world sees it.
  • No extra data is added to categories or posts – AsideShop minds its own settings.
  • Upon AsideShop deactivation, all your posts are displayed as regular posts. Non-destructively.
  • Works fine with text filters (Markdown, Textiler), caching plugins (WP_Cache, WP_Super_Cache) and other plugins.
  • May not work with plugins and themes which use The Loop in uncommon way.

AsideShop is primarily intended to use with aside posts but you can use it to have posts parsed differently according to the categories the posts are placed in.

ChangeLog is available on the Other Notes tab.

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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