Codecanyon plugins and scripts

Protect old posts

This plugin puts a password specified in the protect-old.php file on every post but the latest published one that doesn’t already have a password.

Codecanyon plugins

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Themeforest wordpress

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Live Preview: Admin Panel, Comments

A plugin that creates a live preview for you comments and post/edit forms.

Per Post Comment Text

A plugin that allows you to set the text of your comments link on a post per post basis. Thanks to rgh ( and the rest o

Show Top Ratings

Retrieve a list of top rated posts


Adds a “Current Mood” icon to each post after the date. Borrowed icons from which can be grabbed from http://www.gud</a


Adds Newsgator ratings to each post heading.

Random Blogroll

Generates a randomized blogroll out of OPML feed subsriptions.


Displays “aside” custom field through ShowRustAsides($sTitle) tag.


Displays post’s anchors through ShowRustAutoLinkoff(true|false,$sTitle) tag.


Displays “linkoff” custom field through ShowRustLinkoff(true|false,$sTitle) tag.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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